Chico Stage Race – Podium!

Michael Jasinski – 3rd GC

Peter, Nick, Michael, and AJ Kennedy gathered in Chico, CA for a 2 day, 3 event stage race that started with the Paskenta Road Race. About 5 miles into the race Webcor started the attacks. A  flurry of about five attacks all initiated by Webcor were followed by  an aggressive move by Eric Wohlberg of Form Fitness. Peter Graf was  quick to get on the move and they went up the road.  With no Webcor rider represented in the break,  it would be on them to do all of the chasing. Peter rode smart as  he was now in a move with two other form fitness riders. He said that  he did minimal work as to preserve himself since he was out numbered  two to one. The break moved out to a maximum gap of 1:25. This was  definitely good for us as it kept Michael still in the hunt based on 
the fact that we still had 60+ miles left to race. As we hit the 
gravel on the first lap, Michael moved to the front and was able to go 
clear with a small select group of riders in the gravel section. At 
the finish of the gravel sector, the gap had come down to 25 seconds 
and soon after the finish of the first lap, the break was caught. At 
about mile 60 or so, Adam Carr from Form Fitness went off the front 
solo and held the gap till about mile 75 when he was caught by a solo 
bridge effort by Michael.  Approaching the final climb before the down 
hill finish, Michael put in a series of attacks to go for the win 
solo. With a small gap over the summit and approaching the finish 
Michael went full gas, Adam was narrowly able to close the gap and 
catch Michael’s slipstream and come around him in the final meters for 
the win.

In the small group behind Peter was able to respond to a flurry of 
attacks over the last climb to the finish in the first chase group in 
5th place which was the first Category 2 rider to finish.

Aqua Frias TT – Going into the TT Michael was 2 seconds out of first 
place after the time bonuses from the RR. More importantly he had to 
deliver the TT of his life to stay on the podium racing against Roman 
Kilun of KENDA/GearGrinder & two time Canadian TT champ Eric Wohlberg. 
Michael rose to the occasion and finished third on the day to Roman 
and Eric. He passed Adam Carr on GC and was now in third place overall 
going into the Crit.

Chico Crit – “The Day of Reckoning” With AJ, Peter & Nic vowing to 
protect Michael’s overall the tactics for the crit were pretty 
straight forward and it was not going to be easy. With Roman on guard watching Eric Wohlberg, the task was to watch out for the fourth and fifth place riders on GC. This would prove challenging as the rider in fifth overall got 
into the breakaway with Patrick and Nic from the start of the race. This all changed when Nic got popped from the break  after taking the first time bonus to keep Michael’s lead in tact. Once  Nic came back the next half hour of racing was spent with Peter and AJ  talking half lap pulls with occasional help from two other riders. Nic  joined in after recovering. With about 15 laps to go Michael sensed  the danger as the gap began to grow and reached a maximum of 20 
seconds. At this point Michael started  taking monster pulls to protect his overall. With 5 laps to go the gap  was back down to 15 seconds and at the finish the break stayed away at  12 seconds. Michael’s third place overall was secure and he was on the  podium with two of Norcals best riders!


Copper Town Square Circuit Race – WIN!

Peter Graf – 1st

Peter was joined by Nick Oliver and Mark Marquez for the cat2 race last weekend and raced against 34 other cat2 NorCal riders in Copperopolis, Ca. Mark started the attacking and was able to stay away for a few laps before being brought back by the group. Pete was in perfect position to follow the counter-attack and the break of 8 riders stayed away for the remainder of the race. Pete won and Nick Oliver finished 10th. Congrats on great team-work and another win for the Fremont Bank Cycling Team!

Mineral Wells Stage Race – WIN!

Mineral Wells, TX is located about 6hrs outside of Houston, TX and Rob Scheffler took the GC win for Fremont Bank last weekend. The event started with a criterium, where Rob found himself solo off the front and about 20 seconds up on the field with 45 minutes remaining. Despite a few moments of concern for such an effort so early in the event, his commitment was seemingly born anew once or twice per lap: once upon passing the cheerleader section and once upon passing the mariachi section. Apparently Mineral Wells, TX knows how to put on a bike race……              Later that afternoon, Rob placed 2nd in the 7 mile time trial and because it was point-based race, not a time based race, he was in a virtual dead-heat with one other rider going into the road race on Sunday.

Sunday’s road race put Rob to the test with an aggressive field and no teammates to help he was forced to be patient and watch potential GC contenders carefully. Although a break of 5 riders finally got away, Rob finished 2nd in the bunch sprint and had enough points for the win. Congrats on another great finish Rob!

Valley of the Sun Stage Race

4th Place GC, Michael Jasinski

2nd Place & KOM RR, Jasinski

2nd Place Criterium, Nicholas Oliver

At Valley of the Sun, Fremont riders would essentially be riding TT bikes at speed for the first time this season. No delusions of grandeur: they hoped to have all four riders place in the top third of the 88-rider field in the race of truth opener. If one of them could be within a minute of the leader going into the road race, they figured they’d have a shot at the overall.

Michael Jasinski, in his maiden voyage on a new TT bike – on any TT bike – was Fremont’s fastest finisher, but only 20th place and over a minute behind the winner. They’d have their work cut out for them.

As a team of predominantly young (under 30) and relatively inexperienced riders, the challenge has been to learn how a squad can leverage its collective horsepower to influence the outcome of a race. Many strong, young riders have learned to sit in, take little risk then eek out a solid finish somewhere between 5th and 10th place.

Jasinski is a great example of a rider who is ready – and willing – to reinvent himself as a team rider. At Cal Aggie the team missed the breakaway and he owned up to his own shortcomings given the squad’s pre-race plan that saw him or Scheffler slipping into it. At Cherry Pie, not only did Jasinski fully embrace his role at the front of the race, neutralizing or slipping into attacks, he also began communicating. He would imploringly tell teammates he wanted more $#@*! help covering moves.

On the eve of the VoS road race, Jasinski, Rob Scheffler, Mark Deterline and Nicholas Oliver discussed the options. In the end, with Jasinski over a minute down on GC and Scheffler several seconds further away from the overall leader, the group agreed it would go for broke with a Jasinski breakaway or at least take road race victory with an uphill sprint win by Scheffler. Oliver and Deterline would cover moves and set up the boys according to plan.

By the first time up the hill on the first of 5 ½ laps, Fremont had taken control of the race, with Scheffler setting a ferocious pace near the top, springboarding Jasinski into the first move that actually opened up a threatening albeit temporary gap.

On lap two, a crash near the top shattered the field, but things had regrouped by the turn at the bottom of the decent, and Fremont gradually amassed again at the front, with Deterline and Jasinski taking turns covering moves. Jasinski finally went clear with Deterline at the front, blocking ensued and before the pack began paying attention, a strong break of five had opened up a gap that would prove too much for a divided pack to close.

On lap three, Deterline was taken out near the front of the group by an overzealous competitor, with Scheffler shuddering but not faltering when he heard bodies and carbon crashing to the ground directly behind him.

The break of five dissolved to a break of three, which grew to eight late in the race when NorCal strongman Jonathan Teeter bridged up with four other riders. Jasinski was annoyed, as he had been driving the original, dwindling breakaway, but was now as determined as ever.

On the final lap, Jasinski decided he was not willing to leave it to an eight-man sprint. He felt confident based on prior trips up the final climb that he could drop his competitors and finish alone. After all, he was in the process of collecting most of the KOM points to take that honor at the finish.

And he almost had it right. One by one he shook each man loose, save for one who had decided on Jasinski’s wheel as the one to follow. “Oh, yeah, the guy was smooth, just stayed glued on me until coming around me in the final couple hundred meters,” Jasinski explained after the finish. After setting up then protecting Jasinski’s breakaway all day, Scheffler was hungry for the bunch sprint victory, which he took for 9th on the day.

Like any champion, Jasinski was only somewhat satisfied by his 2nd place, KOM title and current position as 4th rider on GC. He could have won the road race, he insisted, and had he only been a little faster in the TT…

Deterline was out with pretty severe injuries and a damaged bike, so Oliver would be looking for a possible win on the long straightaway following the final turn. It was a perfect course and finish for a powerful sprinter like him.

Jasinski rode at about fourth position much of the race to stay out of trouble. Slipping into a breakaway in a go-for-broke effort to move up into the top-3 by day’s end would be great, and he didn’t rule it out, but it was an unlikely scenario.

Each of them was part of every real move of the race. With two laps to go Scheffler added to his workhorse credentials that of bike handler. In one of the turns he had a front tire blowout but managed to stay upright, which meant that the dozens of riders behind him were also spared a late race crash.

Then Oliver delivered. In the final dash to the line he would take 2nd, confirming his strength and speed from several hundred meters out.

The squad has experienced what it means to control and dominate a race. Now to learn how to win them. Hey, it’s only mid-February.

Cherry Pie Criterium – 6th

Held on a P-shaped course in Napa, California, the Cherry Pie Criterium always draws a large number of riders in every category. This year was no different, and many of the dominant Nor-Cal teams showed up in force to race the mens P1/2 event. Mark D, Nick, AJ Snovel, Mark M, Michael, and Rob lined up against the usual suspects and big teams including Webcor, Specialized, McGuire, Clif-Bar, and Mike’s Bikes.

Despite many attempts to form a break by numerous teams and individual riders, the Fremont Bank Cycling Team was ready to bring back the most threatening moves and keep Rob Scheffler fresh for the finish.  Rob maintained good position in the final laps and finished 6th in the final sprint, won by Logan Loader of the new Verizon Cycling Team.

Next up, the men will be traveling to Valley of the Sun Stage Race in Arizona!

Fremont Bank Cycling Team – 2011 Roster

Fremont Bank, a leading full-service bank in Northern California, recently assembled its Fremont Bank Cycling Team for 2011—an elite development cycling program with a unique goal and combination of team members.With an emphasis on developing female and male riders in their late teens, 20’s and 30’s, the 2011 roster is one that promises to be competitive in both the P1/2 mens and P1/2 womens categories. Additionally,  a group of development riders will be competing in the 3/4 categories and working towards joining the elite squads.

Part of the team’s initial fall rosters included Collin Samaan and Menso De Jong, both of whom have turned pro with the newly formed Wonderful Pistachios Professional Cycling Team.  Watching riders leave the program to join professional or semi-pro squads is bittersweet, especially since they have been instrumental in building the program and are good friends. However, that’s the ultimate goal.

Team Leadout to be Fremont Bank Cycling Team

We are very proud to announce that Fremont Bank will be supporting Team Leadout as title sponsor for 2011. Founded in 1964, Fremont Bank is one of the oldest independently owned and managed banks in the Bay Area. With  headquarters in Fremont, CA and 19 branch locations across the Bay Area they continue to hold an unwavering commitment to providing the communities they serve with financial resources and building professional relationships second-to-none. The decision to support Team Leadout is just one example of Fremont Bank’s commitment to community.

Look for our riders in Team Leadout clothing over the winter and for the subtly different and equally gorgeous Fremont Bank Cycling Team apparel to be hitting the streets in Jan 2011.  More sponsor news, official rosters, and updates coming soon!