Saying Thanks to Peter Graf for Being an Exemplary Teammate & Friend Over the Years

Peter was one of the very first riders we recruited to our nascent Pro/1/2 program when it was still part of Contra Costa Cycling Club back in 2007. We had met Peter and his wife Cody at Sea Otter that year when Peter was still racing for Ritchey Design’s elite mountain bike team.


Peter, Adam Ross, former Aussie national track/road pro Ben Lindsay and Mark Deterline went up against the big teams in NorCal of that time, and Peter has continued to help make believers in our program ever since.

It goes without saying that Peter’s ability, determination and leadership have been invaluable, as well as Cody’s when she was part of our women’s program from 2009-2010.

Peter left us for a different upstart road program at the end of 2009, but came back in the fall of 2010 to help launch Team Leadout/Fremont Bank as one of our captains.

The thought of not having Peter an active part of the team is both strange and sad. He is an awesome husband and father, and will do other great things in his life that will inspire others, especially young people looking for good role models.

Peter has decided to take some time away from road bike racing. We believe that as a pro mountain biker and successful Cat1 roadie, Peter has nothing more to prove on a bike. That is something all of our riders hope to be able to say someday, should they ever choose to step away from cycling.

Peter and Cody have been exemplary ambassadors of our program and of the sport – as original squad riders, as leaders in both ability and conduct, and as supportive teammates. Friends like them have made all of the hard work we put into this team infinitely worthwhile.


We’ll miss you, Pete!


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